In Christ’s approach, a maternal orphan is a child whose mother has died. A
paternal orphan is a child whose father has died, and a double orphan is a child who
has lost both parents. This contrasts with the older use of half-orphan to describe
children that had lost only one parent.
At Christ Shining Light Chapel, we extend our approach to The US Immigration and
Nationality Act which provides a definition of an orphan for the purposes of
immigration to the United States as follows. A child may be considered an
orphan because of the death or disappearance of, abandonment or desertion by, or
separation or loss from, both parents.

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  • Food Aid.
  • Counseling.
  • Health Care Assistance.
  • Education Assistance.
  • Financial Assistance.
  • Employment Assistance.

The Ocansey/Damey Family

Madam Majorie Ocansey, a widow and six of her 8 children who are all orphans.
Standing, from bottom left, Freda Adwoa Yankey 7 years old, class 1; Gifty
Ocansey 10 years old, class 4; left back, Claudia Ocansey 12 years old, class 5;
Barbara Damey Ocansey 16 years old, SHS 2 and the twins, right, Henry Atsu
Damey 20 years, completed SHS and working for a while before furthering
education. Harrison Atse Damey 20 years, apprentice, tile layer.
Through Christ’s help, we provided seed capital to Madam Majorie Ocansey to
operate a Street Vending Kenkey (local dish) and Charcoal sales businesses to
support her family.
Christ provides occasional Medical Assistance to the family and provided
Educational Assistance to see Henry Atsu Damey complete Senior High School.
The Ocansey/Damey family currently live in a mosquito infected kiosk, causing the
children constant malaria. It is Christ’s humble wish via your donations and
support to relocate the Ocansey/Damey family into decent and humane

The Essel Family

Madam Mary Essel, a widow with six grandchildren (one disabled), all orphans. Madam Essel buys and sells fish at the Tema Harbour. It is through this job that she was able to take care of her grandchildren’s school fees, feeding, transportation, school supplies etc. Often times, she would get the fish on credit, sell and pay back her debt. She in turn has some customers whom she also sold the fish to on credit. These particular two customers of hers had built a reputation and trust over the years, buying fish on credit and settling in due course. A few months back, however, these two customers placed a large order of about $2,000 (roughly Gh₵ 10,000) on credit and have both disappeared, since then.

Since Madam Essel has to pay back the owners of the fish, reluctantly, she had to let five of her orphaned grandchildren quit school as she could no longer afford their school fees, transport etc.

Upon hearing Madam Essel’s story, Christ Shining Light Chapel came to her rescue with weekly remittances for transportation, food and school supplies for the grandchildren. The grandchildren orphans are back in school.

Meet the Essel family: From bottom left, Godfred Kwao, 6 years old, class 2; Grandma Mary Essel, sitting, middle front; Bernedicta Bentil, 19 years old, SHS 3, front right, standing; Bridget Bentil, 14 years old, JHS 2, left, standing; Evelyn Bentil, 12 years old, class 6, second from left, standing; Emmanuel Okyere, 15 years old and autistic, class 6, standing, right back.



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